December 29, 2012


The need to wear something both dramatic yet saccharine for the New Year's eve explains my affinity towards extremely full skirts (the puffier, the better).
This sweet dress with a light-as-a-feather tulle skirt in feminine mini-length is my option for the big night with a smoky eye and a lightly tinted lip that completes the look. 
Thanks to Carrie Bradshow for making us understand why this look has become such a classic – and not as costume-y as one might think. 

Have a great year ahead my dears!
 Wishing you a double dose of health and happiness topped with loads of good fortune.
Happy New Year!!!

December 25, 2012


A beautiful Fall is behind us and I decided to collect all of the outfits I wore this past season and share them again with you as a reminder of my style which has rapidly evolved since I started blogging.
 One thing is for sure, colors and prints are my style trademark :-)
I will be extremely happy to know your opinions and your favorite outfit.
Merry Christmas! 
Wishing you a holiday season filled with happy moments and rich blessings!

December 22, 2012


This outfit is definitely not the one you would normally wear in December but I decided to post it since Winter officially started only a day ago :-)

December 17, 2012


When wearing a menswear-influenced outfit I usually try to mix it up with feminine items such as (in this case) heels, skirts, jewelry or lipstick. 
Try pairing a denim shirt with masculine tweed check jacket to create an interesting contrast and don’t be afraid of a little color.
Makeup and hair are easy areas to add a womanly touch – and remember good, delicate posture and female mannerisms help you look less like a man and more like a dainty woman.

How do you like this outfit? Do you wear masculine-oriented clothes?

December 14, 2012


For a quick brunch with my friends I wanted to feel comfy but I also wanted to add some sophistication to my outfit (as I always do :-) 
I opted for my favorite jean jacket that I wore HERE and heels for a more sassy look.
Jean jackets can look just as cute in winter as they do on the summer. Simply style up your outfit with fall colors. Throw on a turtleneck to keep warm, add your favorite bag and your favorite shoes (in my case these adorable J.Crew jade pumps) to complete the outfit.

Have a great weekend my dears!
PS. How cute is this holiday coffee cup? :-)

December 11, 2012


This fall, it's all about heritage-style dressing. Taking cues menswear, the look evokes fishing and hunting outfits from the turn of the 20th century, including fair isle sweaters, jodhpurs and plaid, plaid, plaid.
 The rich and fresh hue of this hunter green vest makes a statement. This color acts great as a neutral in your wardrobe anyway you wear it, whether it's in shoes, clothes, belt or even a handbag.
Lace-up, hiking boot inspired shapes at various heights are key to pulling off this trend.
I'm leaving you now with the pictures while I'm gone to experience the joy of a crisp fall morning over a couple dogs, or in a stand :-))

December 08, 2012


Winter hasn't come to Toronto yet and we're still enjoying the mild weather. Here's another cheerful outfit for sweet December :-)

December 05, 2012


Ever seen females who are seductive and alluring, yet clever, a bit evil, and mysterious? The type of woman who is sultry, mysteriously sexy, vampy, and just ultra glam?
Femme fatale literally means "fatal woman" in French. According to the movie Mildred Pierce, it can be defined as "the kind of woman men want...but shouldn't have!". Like Poison Ivy or Cat Woman..
Her wardrobe often has an evening edge, even during the daytime.. A femme fatale is sexy but in a classy way.
 Every woman has the potential to appear this way if she wishes. You can become one too! If you'd truly like to become a femme fatale, you should have a mind of your own, and develop your own ideas of what a fatal woman is.
Meet mine today :-)


December 02, 2012


You know that my personal preferences are fresh bold colors as they make me feel alive and I choose to wear out all sorts of unusual color combinations that others might fear to try. 
Mixing it up is something that appeals to me, it makes me think.. 
This post might be the perfect one for those of you who like the simpleness and class of neutrals colorsNo spending lots of time worrying about if colors go together or not, with neutrals you can never go wrong.
For today's outfit I've chosen a bomber jacket, a pair of over the knee ivory textured socks as they provide warmth and make a striking fashion statement and a white shirt infuses a touch of sophistication. After all, truly creative dressing is all about: attention-grabbing details, that show you've thought about the way you mixed things up.

Remember, fashion should be about expressing yourself so always wear the shades that you love, or that show your personality.
PS. If you're wondering what's on my face in the first pic, it's just the light that hit a white wall and reflected on my face :-)