December 30, 2013


amadeus-on-the-catwalk-1 amadeus-on-the-catwalk-2 amadeus-on-the-catwalk-4 amadeus-on-the-catwalk-5 amadeus-on-the-catwalk-6 amadeus-on-the-catwalk-7 amadeus-on-the-catwalk-8 amadeus-on-the-catwalk-9 amadeus-on-the-catwalk-10 amadeus-on-the-catwalk-11 amadeus-on-the-catwalk-12 amadeus-on-the-catwalk-13 amadeusonthecatwalk-ny5 For this last post in 2013 I decided to go back and pick some of my favourite outfits of the year.
I would like to thank YOU from the bottom of my heart for reading guys! Your support means so much to me! I wish you the happiest of holidays and your best New Year ever!
See you again in 2014!

December 27, 2013


tartan vest hunter boots amadeusonthecatwalk
tartan vest hunter boots amadeusonthecatwalk
tartan vest amadeusonthecatwalk
tartan vest hunter boots amadeusonthecatwalk
Vest: Cream & Soda l Jacket: Replay l Turtleneck: Zara l Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: J.Crew l Boots: Hunter l Hat: H&M l Sunglasses: ZeroUV

So as expected the weather has dropped extremely low, it's now officially winter and boy, 
Canada doesn't let you forget it! Keeping warm is my biggest priority, but why not keep it 
stylish with a splash of tartan!

My addiction to tartan is growing. I didn't think I was going to get into the trend that much

 but here I am, loving it. I now have a blazer, skirt and this vest which I plan on wearing to death.
 I think it's perfect for December as it's a red and green tartan, so pretty christmasy.

'til next time...

December 24, 2013


samuel dong ruffle trench amadeus on the catwalk
samuel dong ruffle trench calvin  klein bag amadeus on the catwalk
Trench: Samuel Dong (similar here and here) l Bag: Calvin Klein (another great one here and here
Shoes: Barbie (similar here and here) l Sunglasses: Michael Kors

Merry merry Christmas!!! 
I hope you are enjoying the day with your loved ones!

 For today's look I chose this dramatic and fabulous black trench which is a feminine spin 
on a traditional trench-coat. I love how the designer has updated it with ruffle trim along the edges 
and around the tulip hemline which adds so much to the texture-rich look. 
Another great thing is that it can also be worn as a dress! 

How do you like it? 


December 21, 2013


army jacket guess bag amadeusonthecatwalk
army jacket guess bag jessica simpson shoes amadeusonthecatwalk
army jacket guess bag amadeusonthecatwalk
army jacket guess bag jessica simpson shoes amadeusonthecatwalk
army jacket guess bag jessica simpson shoes amadeusonthecatwalk
Jacket, shorts and turtleneck: Zara l Bag: Guess l Shoes: Jessica Simpson
 Fur stole and hat: H&M

Army green + black is another classic combination that can be worn so many ways, 
from the extremely casual to the really dressed up. 
This muted group of colors on its own is understated yet sharp.
I incorporated burgundy color and paired this jacket with a fur collar to add more femininity. 
Pushing up the sleeves of my army jacket makes for a beautiful balance between 
an androgynous effect and feminine styling.
What do you think?

December 11, 2013


jewel-tone pants zara shoes amadeusonthecatwalk
I love a good jewel tone piece whether it's a top, skirt, pants or a statement necklace. 
These luxe colors, like ruby or emerald have the power to make you feel rich and sophisticated
 just like real-life gems. 
 I paired these emerald pants with a pink sweater creating an eye-catching, color block outfit 
for the upcoming holiday season. I could have easily chosen a neutral top and played it safe, 
but that just wouldn't be me :-)

Happy Thursday!

December 08, 2013


zara trench via spiga booties amadeus on the catwalk
Although I am a big fan of bold colors and prints I sometimes love to wear simple outfits
 that don't require too much thinking. This one is a no-brainer and 
it's also one of my favorites. 
Classic trench, heels (of course), hair pulled back and just a hint of leopard print 
on my belt - it's incredible how one little item can transform your entire look, right?

December 06, 2013


animal leopard print madonna truth or dare shoes bow belt
What can I say, I am a sucker for a bold coat and shoe!
I know a lot of people are not big fans of leopard print and I used to think the same thing,

 but with a little moderation, leopard print can really look fabulous. 
Do you agree with me?

December 02, 2013


j.crew polka dots amadeusonthecatwalk
Polka dots. You either love them or hate them. 
Not everyone feels comfortable wearing this print but there is something about it 
that I personally find very cute. "Less is more" is definitely not my thing when it comes to polka dots.
I can't tell you enough how much I enjoy playing with clothes, using my imagination.
Being a pianist, I was always able to express myself creating music but I never thought fashion 
could give me so much joy and pleasure too. It makes me happy being able to express 
my creativity in a way I never thought I would.